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Arch Inclusive Inc. is a web development shop that partners with graphic designers to build beautiful websites and custom software for their clients.


Screenshot of responsive Historica site

Historica Canada Education Portal

A data-sharing Ruby on Rails web application for Historica Canada's educator audience to search, collect, create, and share history-related learning tools.

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Design by GRAND

Screenshot of responsive Gravity Inc. site

Gravity Inc.

Wordpress website for talented design studio, featuring a sortable client portfolio and side-project gallery.

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Design by Gravity Inc.

Screenshot of responsive CLC site

Canada Learning Code

Working preview for Canada Learning Code - a billingual, beautiful, one-page site with animations throughout.

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Design by Studio Function

Screenshot of responsive Frontier College AR site

Frontier College Annual Report 2018

Design by Gravity Inc.

Screenshot of responsive Community Living Toronto 2018 AR site

Community Living Toronto Annual Report 2018

Design by Gravity Inc.

Screenshot of responsive Frontier College AR site

Frontier College Annual Report 2017

Design by Gravity Inc.


We're very grateful to have had the chance to finally collaborate with you and we look forward to the next opportunity! The developed site is terrific, you were a pleasure to work with, and we really enjoyed the entire process. Frank Maidens - Studio Function
I needed a developer who could execute a full-scale web app accurately, on-time, and without surprises. I've worked with a lot of developers over the years, and let me tell you - it is tough to find responsible devs who have the technical chops and an intuitive understanding of design. Working with Heidi was a pleasure and I'd hire her again! Luke Canning - GRAND
Heidi is an expert in the area of accessibility and I can highly recommend her work. Constance Exley - Accessibility Services Canada
Thanks so much for your work on our websites. Our design team has reported on how great you are to work with and I can't thank you enough for making it such a smooth process. You have truly delivered on your promise to "develop to design". Wendy Gray - Gravity Inc.

Work with me

Design partners appreciate my:

  • Eye for design - Creating a site that honours and upholds the integrity of the initial design mockups.
  • Quality code - Writing modern, robust code that follows web standards and web accessibility guidelines.
  • Consultation - Providing clear, informed input on a project's design and/or functionality when needed.
  • Partnership - Collaborating on multiple projects over time to streamline processes, foster great communication, and build a strong working relationship with my design clients.
  • Outlook - Producing quality work, having good communication, and respecting deadlines while also understanding that clarifications, tweaks, and last minute client changes can be part of what makes a good site great.
  • Focus - Working on one project at a time, on a full-time basis.

Accessibility consulting

Accessibility consulting is also available, should you need a website audited, or need guidance on how to make a design meet WCAG criteria (typically to meet AODA or ADA legislation requirements).


Arch Inclusive Inc. is a web development shop owned and operated by Heidi Valles. Located in rural Ontario, Canada, I work remotely with design studios across North America.

I have a Computing and Math degree, have worked professionally as a developer for nearly 20yrs, and specialize in web accessibility.

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To receive a formal estimate and inquire about timeline openings, please email me with your project details. I look forward to hearing from you!

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